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Multi-Block Copolymers in Selective Solvent: A Brownian Dynamics Simulation

  • Yongsheng Liu (a1), Huifen Nie (a1), Rama Bansil (a1), Zhenli Zhang (a2) and Sharon Glotzer (a2)...


We performed Brownian Dynamics simulations of multiblock copolymers of A and B polymers in a solvent selective for the A block at a volume fraction of 20%. Tri-, penta- and heptabocks were simulated. Fourier transformation reveals micellar clusters arranged in a BCC lattice, in agreement with scattering experiments. The clusters were analyzed using a percolation approach and we observed larger clusters when the outermost block was in the poor solvent condition. The ratio of number of loops to bridges decreases as the number of blocks in the copolymer increases, as does the polydispersity. Increased penalty of looping as the number of blocks increases leads to a larger number of smaller clusters with more bridges.



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