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Normal and Anomalous Yield Stresses in a Tial Single Crystal and the Dominating Dislocation Mechanisms.

  • N. Bird (a1), G. Taylor (a1) and Y. Q. Sun (a1)


Single crystal γ-TiAl with axial orientation [3 16 15] has been tested in compression between 4K and 1048K and the dislocation structures observed in TEM. The slip plane was found to be (111) over the entire temperature range tested. Three regimes exist in the variation of the yield stress with temperature, whereas the dislocation substructures are of two types, dominated by 30° 1/3[112] and 1/2 < 110] dislocations respectively. The anomalous yield stress is associated with 1/2 < 110] dislocations undergoing frequent cross-slip off the (111) plane.



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