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Role of Boron TED and Series Resistance in SiGe/Si Heterojunction pMOSFETs

  • Yonghyun Kim (a1), Chang Yong Kang (a2), Se-Hoon Lee (a3), Prashant Majhi (a4), Byoung-Gi Min (a5), Ki-Seung Lee (a6), Donghwan Ahn (a7) and Sanjay K. Banerjee (a8)...


We investigate boron transient enhanced diffusion (TED) and series resistance in SiGe/Si heterojunction channel pMOSFET. The stress gradient at the SiGe/Si interface near the gate edge in high Ge concentrations are found to determine boron TED as well as extension junction shape, which has a significant impact on the parasitic LDD and source/drain (S/D) series resistance. In addition, high Ge concentrations in the epitaxial SiGe layer on top of Si substrate result in a high sheet resistance during a 1000°C/5s rapid thermal processing (RTP), which is mainly due to alloy scattering and interface roughness scattering.



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