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Stability of Larger Ferromagnetic Chain-of-sphere Nanostructure Comprising Magnetic Vortices

  • Prabeer Barpanda (a1)


Chain-of-sphere (CoS) nanostructure containing Permalloy (Fe20Ni80) nanospheres of uniform size (d=50 nm) has been studied using micromagnetic simulation. These large-size Permalloy nanospheres support magnetic vortex structure upon relaxation. The presence of magnetic vortices in CoS architecture affects its magnetic properties significantly. Micromagnetic behaviour of Permalloy CoS system was studied focusing on the magnetization reversal process. The presence of magnetic vortices triggers a vortex creation and annihilation mechanism (VCA) involving the formation and breaking of an inversion symmetry (IS) feature. This VCA mechanism has been studied using 3D micromagnetic simulation and results of coercivity and vortex parameters are presented.



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