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Structure Property Characterization of Nonlinear Optical Materials

  • Joy E. Rogers (a1) (a2), Jonathan E. Slagle (a1) (a3), Daniel G. McLean (a1) (a4), Benjamin C. Hall (a1) (a5), Thomas M. Cooper (a1) and Paul A. Fleitz (a1)...


This research is comprised of understanding the linear photophysical properties of various dyes to better understand the more complicated nonlinear optical properties. Determining structure property relationships of a series of structurally closely related chromophores is the key in understanding the drivers for the various photophysical properties. In this paper we survey the effect of physically changing the Pt poly-yne structure on the S0-S1 and T1-Tn absorption properties for each of the chromophores. A series of structurally modified platinum poly-ynes have been studied using experimental methods including UV/Vis absorption and nanosecond laser flash photolysis. We found that with extension of the ligand length both the ground and triplet excited state absorption shift to lower energies. Comparing the absorption properties of the ligands and butadiynes with the platinum containing versions reveal that the S1 and Tn exciton is localized on one portion of the ligand with extension and not conjugated through the whole molecule. Changing the phosphine R group results in little effect to the absorption properties except when the R group is conjugated in the case of phenyl. However, changing the R group results in varied materials properties.



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