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TEM Observations of Silicon-on-Insulator Structures Formed by Nitrogen Implantation with Annealing at 1405°c.

  • Cd. Meekison (a1), G.R. Booker (a1), K.J. Reeson (a2), P.L.F. Hemment (a2) and G.K. Celler (a3)...


(100) silicon waferSgWere-implanted with 200keV N ions to doses of 0.95 and 1.1x1018 cm-2 at a temperature of 520°C, and then annealed at 1405°C for 30 minutes. We report here observations of the resulting microstructures. A buried ɑ-Si3N4. layer and a good quality silicon overlayer were found. Evidence of cavities in the Si3N4. layer was found in the higher dose sample. Our results suggest that the cavities are associated with the delamination which sometimes occurs during annealing.



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