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Uniformity and Surface Properties of Diamond Films made by Tilted Oxyacetylene Combustion Flames

  • W. Zhu (a1), B. H. Tan (a2), Z. Yin (a1), J. Ahn (a1) and H. S. Tan (a1)...


High quality, transparent diamond films with relatively large deposition areas have been obtained from oxyacetylene combustion flames at the atmospheric pressure using nozzle tilted at an angle φ) with respect to the Mo substrates. These films are studied using scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and Raman spectroscopy. Experimental results show that the surface morphology and microstructure depend strongly on the processing parameters such as the gas mixture ratio of acetylene to oxygen, substrate temperature, and the nozzle angle φ. The uniformity of diamond films have been improved using this tilted combustion flame technique and some problems related with this approach are discussed.



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