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We consider the space $X=\bigwedge ^{3}\mathbb{C}^{6}$ of alternating senary 3-tensors, equipped with the natural action of the group $\operatorname{GL}_{6}$ of invertible linear transformations of $\mathbb{C}^{6}$ . We describe explicitly the category of $\operatorname{GL}_{6}$ -equivariant coherent ${\mathcal{D}}_{X}$ -modules as the category of representations of a quiver with relations, which has finite representation type. We give a construction of the six simple equivariant ${\mathcal{D}}_{X}$ -modules and give formulas for the characters of their underlying $\operatorname{GL}_{6}$ -structures. We describe the (iterated) local cohomology groups with supports given by orbit closures, determining, in particular, the Lyubeznik numbers associated to the orbit closures.



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