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Let $k$ be a commutative ring, let ${\mathcal{C}}$ be a small, $k$ -linear, Hom-finite, locally bounded category, and let ${\mathcal{B}}$ be a $k$ -linear abelian category. We construct a Frobenius exact subcategory ${\mathcal{G}}{\mathcal{P}}({\mathcal{G}}{\mathcal{P}}_{P}({\mathcal{B}}^{{\mathcal{C}}}))$ of the functor category ${\mathcal{B}}^{{\mathcal{C}}}$ , and we show that it is a subcategory of the Gorenstein projective objects ${\mathcal{G}}{\mathcal{P}}({\mathcal{B}}^{{\mathcal{C}}})$ in ${\mathcal{B}}^{{\mathcal{C}}}$ . Furthermore, we obtain criteria for when ${\mathcal{G}}{\mathcal{P}}({\mathcal{G}}{\mathcal{P}}_{P}({\mathcal{B}}^{{\mathcal{C}}}))={\mathcal{G}}{\mathcal{P}}({\mathcal{B}}^{{\mathcal{C}}})$ . We show in examples that this can be used to compute ${\mathcal{G}}{\mathcal{P}}({\mathcal{B}}^{{\mathcal{C}}})$ explicitly.

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This is part of the authors PhD thesis. The author thanks Jan Geuenich and Julian Külshammer for helpful comments on a previous version of this paper, and the anonymous referee for useful suggestions and comments. The work was made possible by the funding provided by the Bonn International Graduate School in Mathematics.

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