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Cell contact-inhibition signaling as part of wound-healing processes in brain

  • Ximena A. Lanosa (a1) and Jorge A. Colombo (a1)

Cell contact-dependent signaling is a major regulatory mechanism in the organization of developing tissues and in the reorganization (post-injury responses) of specialized tissues in multicellular organisms. In this review we contribute to the further understanding of post-injury recovery processes in adult nervous tissue. We emphasize evidence that supports the involvement of cell contact-inhibition signaling in the cell proliferation, growth and differentiation that occurs during healing and neural reorganization after brain damage.

Corresponding author
Correspondence should be addressed to: Jorge A. Colombo, U.N.A. (CEMIC) Av. Galván 4102 (C1431FWO), Buenos Aires, Argentina, phone: 54 11 4545 6589 ext. 8712 fax: 54 11 4546 8200 email:
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