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Nonconforming Finite Element Methods for Wave Propagation in Metamaterials

  • Changhui Yao (a1) and Lixiu Wang (a2)

In this paper, nonconforming mixed finite element method is proposed to simulate the wave propagation in metamaterials. The error estimate of the semi-discrete scheme is given by convergence order O(h 2), which is less than 40 percent of the computational costs comparing with the same effect by using Nédélec-Raviart element. A Crank-Nicolson full discrete scheme is also presented with O(τ 2 + h 2) by traditional discrete formula without using penalty method. Numerical examples of 2D TE, TM cases and a famous re-focusing phenomena are shown to verify our theories.

Corresponding author
*Corresponding author. Email addresses: (C.-H. Yao), (L.-X. Wang)
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