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Studying Sonorous Objects to Develop Frameworks for Improvisation

  • Sam Mcauliffe (a1)


French musique concrète artist Pierre Schaeffer pioneered new ways of listening to and studying sound. His study and manipulation of recorded sounds to create music changed the way contemporary musicians, from a multitude of disciplines, approach making music. Additionally, Schaeffer’s treatise on acousmatic listening to sonorous objects has deeply influenced contemporary sound studies. In this article, I elucidate how musique concrète has informed my practice-led research project, Looking Awry – from which I will discuss two case studies. I outline how acousmatic listening to field recordings from everyday environments informed the development of performance strategies that guide improvised musical performance; a malleable practice that can be applied to a variety of performance settings.


Corresponding author


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Studying Sonorous Objects to Develop Frameworks for Improvisation

  • Sam Mcauliffe (a1)


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