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Rietveld refinement for indium nitride in the 105–295 K range

  • W. Paszkowicz (a1), R. Černý (a2) and S. Krukowski (a3)
  • DOI:
  • Published online: 06 March 2012

Results of Rietveld refinement for indium nitride data collected in the temperature range 105–295 K are presented. Acicular microcrystals of indium nitride prepared by reaction of liquid indium with nitrogen plasma were studied by X-ray diffraction. The diffraction measurements were carried out at the Swiss-Norwegian Beamline SNBL (ESRF) using a MAR345 image-plate detector. Excellent counting statistics allowed for refinement of the lattice parameters of InN as well as those of the metallic indium secondary phase. In the studied temperature range, the InN lattice parameters show a smooth increase that can be approximated by a linear function. Lattice-parameter dependencies confirm the trends indicated earlier by data measured using a conventional equipment. The relative change of both the a and c lattice parameters with increasing the temperature in the studied range is about 0.05%. The axial ratio slightly decreases with rising temperature. The experimental value of the free structural parameter, u=0.3769(14), is reported for InN for the first time. Its temperature variation is found to be considerably smaller than the experimental error. The thermal-expansion coefficients (TECs), derived from the linearly approximated lattice-parameter dependencies, are αa=3.09(14)×10−6 K−1 and αc=2.79(16)×10−6 K−1. The evaluated TECs are generally consistent with the earlier data. For the present dataset, the accuracy is apparently higher for both, the lattice parameters and thermal-expansion coefficients, than for the earlier results. The refined lattice parameter cIn of the indium secondary phase exhibits the known strongly nonlinear behavior; a shift (ΔT equal about −50 K) of the maximum in cIn(T) dependence is observed with respect to the literature data.

Corresponding author
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