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Synthesis of cerium oxide (CeO2) by co-precipitation for application as a reference material for X-ray powder diffraction peak widths

  • Anderson Márcio de Lima Batista (a1), Marcus Aurélio Ribeiro Miranda (a2), Fátima Itana Chaves Custódio Martins (a3), Cássio Morilla Santos (a2) and José Marcos Sasaki (a2)...


Several methods can be used to obtain, from powder diffraction patterns, crystallite size and lattice strain of polycrystalline samples. Some examples are the Scherrer equation, Williamson–Hall plots, Warren/Averbach Fourier decomposition, Whole Powder Pattern Modeling, and Debye function analysis. To apply some of these methods, it is necessary to remove the contribution of the instrument to the widths of the diffraction peaks. Nowadays, one of the main samples used for this purpose is the LaB6 SRM660b commercialized by the National Institute of Standard Technology; the width of the diffraction peak of this sample is caused only by the instrumental apparatus. However, this sample can be expensive for researchers in developing countries. In this work, the authors present a simple route to obtain micron-sized polycrystalline CeO2 that have a full width at half maximum comparable with the SRM660b and therefore it can be used to remove instrumental broadening.


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Synthesis of cerium oxide (CeO2) by co-precipitation for application as a reference material for X-ray powder diffraction peak widths

  • Anderson Márcio de Lima Batista (a1), Marcus Aurélio Ribeiro Miranda (a2), Fátima Itana Chaves Custódio Martins (a3), Cássio Morilla Santos (a2) and José Marcos Sasaki (a2)...


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