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On inverse categories and transfer in cohomology

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  05 December 2012

Markus Linckelmann*
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Institute of Mathematics, University of Aberdeen, King's College, Fraser Noble Building, Aberdeen AB24 3UE, UK
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It follows from methods of B. Steinberg, extended to inverse categories, that finite inverse category algebras are isomorphic to their associated groupoid algebras; in particular, they are symmetric algebras with canonical symmetrizing forms.We deduce the existence of transfer maps in cohomology and Hochschild cohomology from certain inverse subcategories. This is in part motivated by the observation that, for certain categories , being a Mackey functor on is equivalent to being extendible to a suitable inverse category containing . We further show that extensions of inverse categories by abelian groups are again inverse categories.

Research Article
Copyright © Edinburgh Mathematical Society 2012


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