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EPM ephemerides and relativity

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  06 January 2010

E. V. Pitjeva*
Institute of Applied astronomy RAS, Kutuzov quay 10, 191187 St. Petersburg, Russia email:
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In the seventies of the last century the EPM ephemerides (Ephemerides of Planets and the Moon) of IAA RAS originated and have been developed since that time. These ephemerides are based upon relativistic equations of motion of celestial bodies and light rays and upon relativistic time scales. The updated model of EPM2008 includes the new values of planet masses and other constants, the improved dynamical model with adding Trans–Neptunian Objects and the expanded database (1913–2008). More than 260 parameters have been determined while improving the planetary part of EPM2008 to 550000 observations. EPM2008 have been oriented to ICRF by including into the total solution the VLBI data of spacecraft near the planets. The real uncertainty of EPM ephemerides has been checked by comparison with the JPL's DE ephemerides. Some estimates of the post–model parameters have been obtained: |1−β| < 0.0002, |1−γ| < 0.0002, /G = (−5.9±4.4) ⋅ 10−14 per year, the statistic zero corrections to the planet perihelion advances.

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