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Radio continuum of galaxies with H2O megamaser disks

  • F. Kamali (a1), C. Henkel (a1) (a2), A. Brunthaler (a1), C. M. V. Impellizzeri (a3) (a4), K. M. Menten (a1), J. A. Braatz (a3), J. E. Greene (a5), M. J. Reid (a6), J. J. Condon (a3), K. Y. Lo (a3), C. Y. Kuo (a7), E. Litzinger (a8) (a9) and M. Kadler (a9)...


In our attempt to investigate the basic active galactic nucleus (AGN) paradigm requiring a centrally located supermassive black hole (SMBH), a close to Keplerian accretion disk and a jet perpendicular to its plane, we have searched for radio continuum in galaxies with H2O megamasers in their disks. We observed 18 such galaxies with the Very Large Baseline Array in C band (5 GHz, ~2 mas resolution) and we detected 5 galaxies at 8 σ or higher levels. For those sources for which the maser data is available, the positions of masers and those of the 5 GHz radio continuum sources coincide within the uncertainties, and the radio continuum is perpendicular to the maser disk’s orientation within the position angle uncertainties.



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Zhao, W., Braatz, J. A., Condon, J. J., Lo, K. Y., Ried, M. J., Henkel, C., Pesce, D. W., Greene, J. E., Gao, F., Kuo, C. Y., Impellizzeri, C. M. V. in prep.
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