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Global Euler obstruction, global Brasselet numbers and critical points

  • Nicolas Dutertre (a1) and Nivaldo G. Grulha (a2)


Let X ⊂ ℂn be an equidimensional complex algebraic set and let f: X → ℂ be a polynomial function. For each c ∈ ℂ, we define the global Brasselet number of f at c, a global counterpart of the Brasselet number defined by the authors in a previous work, and the Brasselet number at infinity of f at c. Then we establish several formulas relating these numbers to the topology of X and the critical points of f.



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Global Euler obstruction, global Brasselet numbers and critical points

  • Nicolas Dutertre (a1) and Nivaldo G. Grulha (a2)


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