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The ANU WiFeS SuperNovA Programme (AWSNAP)

  • Michael J. Childress (a1) (a2) (a3), Brad E. Tucker (a1) (a2), Fang Yuan (a1) (a2), Richard Scalzo (a1), Ashley Ruiter (a1) (a2), Ivo Seitenzahl (a1) (a2), Bonnie Zhang (a1), Brian Schmidt (a1), Borja Anguiano (a4), Suryashree Aniyan (a1), Daniel D. R. Bayliss (a1) (a5), Joao Bento (a1), Michael Bessell (a1), Fuyan Bian (a1), Rebecca Davies (a1), Michael Dopita (a1), Lisa Fogarty (a6), Amelia Fraser-McKelvie (a7) (a8), Ken Freeman (a1), Rajika Kuruwita (a1), Anne M. Medling (a1), Simon J. Murphy (a1), Simon J. Murphy (a6) (a9), Matthew Owers (a4) (a10), Fiona Panther (a1) (a2), Sarah M. Sweet (a1), Adam D. Thomas (a1) and George Zhou (a1) (a11)...

This paper presents the first major data release and survey description for the ANU WiFeS SuperNovA Programme. ANU WiFeS SuperNovA Programme is an ongoing supernova spectroscopy campaign utilising the Wide Field Spectrograph on the Australian National University 2.3-m telescope. The first and primary data release of this programme (AWSNAP-DR1) releases 357 spectra of 175 unique objects collected over 82 equivalent full nights of observing from 2012 July to 2015 August. These spectra have been made publicly available via the WISEREP supernova spectroscopy repository.

We analyse the ANU WiFeS SuperNovA Programme sample of Type Ia supernova spectra, including measurements of narrow sodium absorption features afforded by the high spectral resolution of the Wide Field Spectrograph instrument. In some cases, we were able to use the integral-field nature of the Wide Field Spectrograph instrument to measure the rotation velocity of the SN host galaxy near the SN location in order to obtain precision sodium absorption velocities. We also present an extensive time series of SN 2012dn, including a near-nebular spectrum which both confirms its ‘super-Chandrasekhar’ status and enables measurement of the sub-solar host metallicity at the SN site.

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      The ANU WiFeS SuperNovA Programme (AWSNAP)
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      The ANU WiFeS SuperNovA Programme (AWSNAP)
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      The ANU WiFeS SuperNovA Programme (AWSNAP)
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Corresponding author
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