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Hyperons in hot dense matter: what do the constraints tell us for equation of state?

  • M. Fortin (a1), M. Oertel (a2) and C. Providência (a3)

For core-collapse and neutron star merger simulations, it is important to have adequate equations of state which describe dense and hot matter as realistically as possible. We present two newly constructed equations of state including the entire baryon octet, compatible with the main constraints coming from nuclear physics, both experimental and theoretical. One of the equations of state describes cold β-equilibrated neutron stars with a maximum mass of 2 Msun. Results obtained with the new equations of state are compared with the ones of DD2Y, the only existing equation of state containing the baryon octet and satisfying the above constraints. The main difference between our new equations of state and DD2Y is the harder symmetry energy of the latter. We show that the density dependence of the symmetry energy has a direct influence on the amount of strangeness inside hot and dense matter and, consequently, on thermodynamic quantities. We expect that these differences affect the evolution of a proto-neutron star or binary neutron star mergers. We propose also several parameterisations based on the DD2 and SFHo models calibrated to Lambda hypernuclei that satisfy the different constraints.

Corresponding author
Author for correspondence: M. Fortin, Email:
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