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The possibilities and prospects of obtaining high-resolution information (below 30 Å) on biological material using the electron microscope: Some comments and reports inspired by an EMBO workshop held at Gais, Switzerland, October 1973

  • M. Beer (a1), J. Frank (a1), K.-J. Hanszen (a1), E. Kellenberger (a1) and R. C. Williams (a1)...

Commercially available electron microscopes routinely provide resolution of some 2–4 Å, as determined on the spacing of crystalline lattices of certain stable, small-molecular substances. On biological material either macromolecules or macromolecular assemblies— ‘biologically significant’ details below some 20 Å have hitherto not been observed.we consider as ‘biologically significant’ those structural details observed or contained in electronmicrographs which are consistent with, or confirmed by, other data obtained from biochemical or functional experiments or by other physical methods (optical, magnetic, electric).

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