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QRB Discovery
QRB Discovery: An Open Access section in Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics

QRB Discovery (QRB-D) is vehicle for the rapid dissemination of exciting new developments in the field of biophysics. Situated in the prestigious Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics (current Impact Factor 5.267), QRB-D expands the title’s output to include Open Access original research. With an emphasis on the significance of discoveries, rather than exhaustive follow-up work, QRB-D’s peer review focuses solely on the quality and novelty of the findings presented. While reviewers may recommend further avenues of investigation, exploring these points will not be a barrier to acceptance. Complementing the section’s Open Access publishing model, all QRB-D papers will feature an Impact Statement, a brief take-home message which distills the key points and packages the work for improved discovery via social media channels. Further content enrichment options such as graphical abstracts and video summaries are fully supported and strongly encouraged. 

Article Types

QRB-D currently publishes two distinct paper types, Reports and Perspectives


This category is intended for focused research papers of typically between 2,000 and 6,000 words (excluding references), and including up to a maximum of six figures.


Perspectives are intended for shorter communications than Reports, and should not contain primary research. They typically comprise 1,500 to 4,000 words (excluding references), with two to four figures.

Key Benefits                                  

  • Rigorous, constructive peer review geared towards the timely publication of the latest advances in biophysics
  • Open Access publication, allowing unfettered engagement with your research
  • Emphasis on article enrichment to drive sharing and content discovery
  • High Impact Factor
  • A dynamic publishing platform offering a range of content delivery formats and support for supplementary material

For more information, please consult the journal's Instructions for Contributors.