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Consideration of Freshwater and Multiple Marine Reservoir Effects: Dating of Individuals with Mixed Diets from Northern Sweden

  • Jack P R Dury (a1) (a2), Gunilla Eriksson (a1), Markus Fjellström (a1), Thomas Wallerström (a3) and Kerstin Lidén (a1)...

Human burials from the cemetery at the Rounala church, northern Sweden, were radiocarbon (14C) dated to shed light on the use of the cemetery. Carbon, nitrogen and sulfur stable isotope analysis of bone collagen from 19 distinct individuals indicated that these individuals had a mixed diet consisting of freshwater, marine and terrestrial resources. Dietary modeling using FRUITS was employed to calculate the contributions of the different resources for each individual. These data were then used to calculate individual ΔR values, taking into account freshwater and multiple marine reservoir effects, the latter caused by Baltic and Atlantic marine dietary inputs, respectively. 14C dating of tissues from modern freshwater fish species demonstrate a lack of a freshwater reservoir effect in the area. Two OxCal models were used to provide endpoint age estimates. The calibrated data suggest that the site’s cemetery was most likely in use already from the 14th century, and perhaps until at least the late 18th century.

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