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New Dates for Old Kilns: A Revised Radiocarbon Chronology of Stoneware Production for Angkorian Cambodia

  • Gary P Marriner (a1), Peter Grave (a1), Lisa Kealhofer (a2), Miriam T Stark (a3), Darith Ea (a4), Rachna Chhay (a4), Phon Kaseka (a5) and Tan Boun Suy (a4)...

Radiocarbon dates from recent excavations of a range of Angkorian Khmer (~9th–14th CE) stoneware kiln complexes provide a new and independent perspective on the timing and geography of Khmer ceramic production. These data demonstrate a clear two-phase sequence. The first, in the late 9th to late 12th centuries CE, marks a period of intensive production located both to the east of Angkor and to the south at Cheung Ek, south of Phnom Penh. A second shorter phase of production occurred in the late 13th to late 14th CE at more distant provincial settings following the collapse of the Angkorian state.

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