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Preparation and Dating of Mortar Samples—Mortar Dating Inter-Comparison Study (MODIS)

  • Irka Hajdas (a1), Alf Lindroos (a2), Jan Heinemeier (a3), Åsa Ringbom (a4), Fabio Marzaioli (a5), Filippo Terrasi (a5), Isabella Passariello (a5), Manuela Capano (a5), Gilberto Artioli (a6), Anna Addis (a6), Michele Secco (a6), Danuta Michalska (a7), Justyna Czernik (a8), Tomasz Goslar (a8) (a9), Roald Hayen (a10), Mark Van Strydonck (a10), Laurent Fontaine (a10), Mathieu Boudin (a10), Francesco Maspero (a11), Laura Panzeri (a12), Anna Galli (a13), Petra Urbanová (a14) and Pierre Guibert (a14)...

Seven radiocarbon laboratories: Åbo/Aarhus, CIRCE, CIRCe, ETHZ, Poznań, RICH, and Milano-Bicocca performed separation of carbonaceous fractions suitable for 14C dating of four mortar samples selected for the MOrtar Dating Inter-comparison Study (MODIS). In addition, optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) analyses were completed by Milano-Bicocca and IRAMAT-CRP2A Bordeaux. Each laboratory performed separation according to laboratory protocol. Results of this first intercomparison show that even though consistent 14C ages were obtained by different laboratories, two mortars yielded ages different than expected from the archaeological context.

Corresponding author
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Selected Papers from the 8th Radiocarbon & Archaeology Symposium, Edinburgh, UK, 27 June–1 July 2016

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