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Underdeveloped embryos and kinds of dormancy in seeds of two gymnosperms: Podocarpus costalis and Nageia nagi (Podocarpaceae)

  • Shun-Ying Chen (a1), Carol C. Baskin (a2) (a3), Jerry M. Baskin (a2) and Ching-Te Chien (a1)

Although it has been speculated that seeds of the gymnosperm family Podocarpaceae have an underdeveloped embryo, no detailed studies have been done to definitively answer this question. Our purpose was to determine if embryos in seeds of two species of Podocarpaceae, Podocarpus costalis and Nageia nagi, from Taiwan are underdeveloped and to examine the kind of dormancy the seeds have. Embryos in fresh seeds of P. costalis were 4.6 ± 0.5 mm long, and they increased in length by about 54% before radicle emergence (germination), demonstrating that the embryo is underdeveloped at seed maturity. Seeds germinated to >90% at 30/20, 25/15 and 25°C in light in ≤ 4 weeks, without any cold stratification pretreatment. Thus, seeds of P. costalis have morphological dormancy (MD). Embryos in fresh seeds of N. nagi were 7.4 ± 0.8 mm long and they increased in length by about 39% before radicle emergence (germination) occurred, indicating that the embryo is underdeveloped at seed maturity. Seeds germinated to < 25% at 30/20 and 25°C in light in 4 weeks but to >90% at the same temperatures in 12 weeks. Thus, most seeds of N. nagi have morphophysiological dormancy (MPD). Although underdeveloped embryos are considered to be a primitive condition in seed plants, they also occur in the most advanced orders. The occurrence of underdeveloped embryos in Podocarpaceae documents that they are not restricted to a basal clade in gymnosperms.

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