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Correlates and Short-Term Course of Self-Poisoning in Adolescents

  • Michael Kerfoot (a1), Elizabeth Dyer (a2), Val Harrington (a1), Adrine Woodham (a1) and Richard Harrington (a1)...



The features of adolescents who had taken an overdose were assessed to determine the focus for a treatment trial.


Overdose cases were compared with psychiatric and community controls who had not taken an overdose in respect of mental disorders and family background.


Overdose cases had high rates of major depression, but most of them recovered from depression within six weeks of the overdose. There was a specific association between taking an overdose and family dysfunction.


Family dysfunction could be a useful focus in a clinical trial of the aftercare of adolescents who have taken an overdose.


Corresponding author

Professor Richard Harrington, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Pendlebury, Manchester M27 4HA. Fax: 0161 728 2294


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Correlates and Short-Term Course of Self-Poisoning in Adolescents

  • Michael Kerfoot (a1), Elizabeth Dyer (a2), Val Harrington (a1), Adrine Woodham (a1) and Richard Harrington (a1)...


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