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Role of childhood adversities and environmental sensitivity in the development of post-traumatic stress disorder in war-exposed Syrian refugee children and adolescents

  • Elie G. Karam (a1), John A. Fayyad (a2), Claudia Farhat (a3), Michael Pluess (a4), Youmna C. Haddad (a5), Caroline C. Tabet (a5), Lynn Farah (a6) and Ronald C. Kessler (a7)...

Increased post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) rates have been documented in children exposed to war. However, the contribution of childhood adversities and environmental sensitivity to children's responses to adversities and trauma are still far from settled.


To evaluate the relative roles of war, childhood adversities and sensitivity in the genesis of PTSD.


Data on childhood adversities and sensitivity was collected from 549 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. PTSD symptoms were assessed using the PTSD Reaction Index.


Although childhood adversities, war events and sensitivity were all significantly related to PTSD in bivariate analyses, multivariate analyses showed that childhood adversities were the most important variable in predicting PTSD. The effect of war on PTSD was found to be dependent on the interplay between childhood adversities and sensitivity, and was most prominent in highly sensitive children with lower levels of adversities; in sensitive children experiencing high levels of adversities, the effects of war exposure on PTSD were less pronounced.


When considering the effects of war on PTSD in refugee children, it is important to take account of the presence of other adversities as well as of children's sensitivity. Sensitive children may be more vulnerable to the negative effects of war exposure, but only in contexts that are characterised by low childhood adversities.

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Corresponding author
Correspondence: Elie G. Karam, Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology, St Georges Hospital University Medical Center, Youssef Soursok Street, 2nd floor, office number 208, 209, PO Box 166378, Beirut Achrafieh 1100-2807 Lebanon, Beirut, Lebanon. Email:
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Role of childhood adversities and environmental sensitivity in the development of post-traumatic stress disorder in war-exposed Syrian refugee children and adolescents

  • Elie G. Karam (a1), John A. Fayyad (a2), Claudia Farhat (a3), Michael Pluess (a4), Youmna C. Haddad (a5), Caroline C. Tabet (a5), Lynn Farah (a6) and Ronald C. Kessler (a7)...
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