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Editorial board

Dr Stephen Law, Heythrop College|University of London|Kensington Square|London W8 5HQ|UK

Editorial Board

Professor Brenda Almond, University of Hull, UK

Dr Margaret Boden, University of Sussex, UK

Dr Nicholas Bunnin, University of Oxford, UK

Professor D E. Cooper, University of Durham, UK

Professor Tim Crane, University College London, UK

Professor Christopher Hookway, University of Sheffield, UK

Martin Hughes, University of Durham, UK

Dr Kevin Magill, University of Wolverhampton, UK

Dr Derek Matravers, The Open University, UK

Professor D. H. Mellor, University of Cambridge, UK

Professor Susan Mendus, University of York, UK

Professor Paul Noordhof, University of York, UK

Anthony Palmer, University of Southampton, UK

Dr Barry C. Smith, Birkbeck College, London, UK

Dr David Lloyd Thomas, King’s College, London, UK

Professor Roger Trigg, University of Warwick, UK