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Twin Registries Moving Forward and Meeting the Future: A Review

  • Paul N. Baird (a1) and Pirro Hysi (a2) (a3)


Twin registries have developed as a valuable resource for the study of many aspects of disease and society over the years in many different countries. A number of these registries include large numbers of twins with data collected at varying information levels for twin cohorts over the past several decades. More recent expansion of twin datasets has allowed for the collection of genetic data, together with many other levels of ‘omic’ information along with multiple demographic, physiological, health outcomes and other measures typically used in epidemiologic research. Other twin data sources outside these registries reflect research interests in particular aspects of disease or specific phenotypic assessment. Twin registries have the potential to play a key role in many aspects of the artificial intelligence/machine learning-driven projects of the future and will continue to keep adapting to the changing research landscape.

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      Twin Registries Moving Forward and Meeting the Future: A Review
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      Twin Registries Moving Forward and Meeting the Future: A Review
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      Twin Registries Moving Forward and Meeting the Future: A Review
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Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Paul N. Baird, Email:


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Twin Registries Moving Forward and Meeting the Future: A Review

  • Paul N. Baird (a1) and Pirro Hysi (a2) (a3)


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