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Call for papers: Wireless Power Transfer in Space Applications

Call for Papers - Wireless Power Transfer in Space Applications

A Special Issue of Wireless Power Transfer

Guest Editors:

Prof. Manos M. Tentzeris - Ken Byers Professor in Flexible Electronics, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

Dr. Alexandru Takacs - Associate Professor, University ‘Paul Sabatier’ of Toulouse, France; Researcher, LAAS CNRS Toulouse, France

Intensive development of space technologies is becoming increasingly common with ever expanding interest from both the industrial and scientific communities. The race is on to improve upon classical applications (e.g. satellite broadcasting communication, space-based radar and orbital mission) and to understand and develop emerging applications, challenges and concepts (e.g. internet of space, deep space exploring and satellite constellation).

Wireless power transfer is already being used in space applications, for example wireless passive sensors, wireless Datacom interfaces and long range RFIDs. This is just the beginning of the use of Wireless power transfer for space applications. This technology could be used in the future for point-to-point energy transfer or solar power satellites. It could also prove valuable as a replacement for moving electrical connectors (e.g. slip ring connector joints), supply power to physically disconnected elements (e.g. sensors or swarms of spacecraft) or for the exploration of dark (not exposed to the sun) areas during deep space mission.

The Wireless Power Transfer journal ( is launching a new special issue focused on the applications for wireless power transfer (far-field and near-field) in space and related research areas. This may include research into technology that could act as the building blocks for the next generation of wireless power transfer systems for space applications.

On behalf of the editorial board of the Wireless Power Transfer journal, we invite contributions (original articles or review papers) on Wireless Power Transfer for Space Applications. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Broadband, multiband and/or miniaturized antennas and antennas arrays for space applications
  • Energy harvesting
  • Point-to-point energy transfer
  • High efficiency rectifiers and power amplifiers
  • Wireless sensors networks
  • Structural health monitoring
  • (energy) autonomous systems
  • Space-based solar power plant
  • Emerging technologies for space applications (e.g. flexible and inflatable technologies, additive manufacturing, etc.).

We also invite contributions on recent advances in the design and performance analysis of micro- and millimeter-wave systems that are enabled by the theoretical concepts of wireless power transfer.

This special issue will prove valuable for both the scientific and industrial community, bringing together research into all potential applications for Wireless Power Transfer in Space Applications. All papers will be fully peer reviewed and published in Wireless Power Transfer.

Visit to submit your manuscript.