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The implication of lighting programmes in intensive broiler production system

  • M.A. AROWOLO (a1), J.H. HE (a1), S.P. HE (a1) and T.O. ADEBOWALE (a2)

The intensive production system for broiler chicken is characterised by the provision of a suitable micro-climatic condition such as temperature, airflow, relative humidity and light for proper bird's management which always, together with appropriate feeding and nutrition, favours the full growth and production potentials of the birds. Lighting, amongst other factors, is a potent and critical micro-climatic component in broiler houses as it influences many behavioural, physiological and metabolic processes in birds. To optimise the intensive system for broiler production, various lighting programmes (regarding light duration and its distribution, light colour/wavelength and light intensity) have been explored. This review compares the effects of different elements of lighting regimen on the growth performance, health, and welfare and carcass characteristics of broilers. Considering this, various degrees of intermittent photo-period (i.e. mixing photo- and scoto- periods within 24 hours) rather than one continuous photoperiod have been proven to significantly improve broilers’ weight gain by 3.4-5.8%, feed to gain ratio up to 7.3%, mobility up to 46.5%, decrease mortality rate ranging between 0.43% and 0.72%, and finally, increase carcass yield. Short wavelength lights and light intensity of ≥5 lux after the initial brooding period are said to stimulate birds’ metabolism and growth thereby, enhancing the production system. In conclusion, the lighting programme, apart from improving broiler productivity, could reduce cost expended on energy in an intensive production system.

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