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About this Cambridge Elements series

The Cambridge Elements Series in International Relations publishes original research on key topics in the field. The series includes manuscripts addressing international security, international political economy, international organizations, and international relations theory.

Our objective is to publish cutting edge research that engages crucial topics in each of these issue areas, especially multi-method research that may yield longer studies than leading journals in the field will accommodate.

Elements series are edited by leading scholars in the field of international relations. Each Element is rigorously peer-reviewed and published quickly in order to reach its audience in a timely fashion. Elements are updatable and will be published on the Cambridge Core platform. A low-priced print-on-demand option is also available.

Successful submissions will make both theoretical and empirical contributions in its chosen area. We encourage submissions on a wide and diverse set of topics in each of series areas and the series is open to any methodological approach.

Each Element is approximately 25,000 words, allowing for more extensive development of theory and evidence. This length allows for more scope and depth than is available in the narrow confines available to scholars publishing in journals. Authors can also conceive and write an Element on a shorter timeline than is feasible for a scholarly book.

Submission Process

To submit proposals to the series, please contact the Editors of the relevant sub-series. Email addresses can be found above. If you are unsure of which sub-series the proposed Element might suit, please contact Jon Pevehouse at

Your proposal for Cambridge Elements in International Relations should comprise a brief description of:

the subject of your Element and its place in the literature the originality and importance of your Element to research and/or teaching in the subject the intended readership for the Element, in terms of fields and level of reader the structure of the Element, and any online functionality it will require a brief version of your CV

The outline of the Element will be considered for the series by the Editors, and if it is accepted, it will be contracted subject to peer review of the full final typescript before production begins.