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The past twenty years have seen a broad and vital reinterpretation of the nature of literary texts, a move away from formalism to a sense of literature as an aspect of social, economic, political, and cultural history. Recent writing on the nature of representation, the historical construction of gender and of the concept of identity itself, has opened new avenues. This series is designed to offer historically oriented studies of Renaissance literature and theater from recent theoretical perspectives. The view of history envisioned is above all a view of our own history, a reading of the Renaissance for and from our own time.

  • General Editors: Stephen Orgel, Stanford University, California
  • Editorial Boards: Anne Barton, University of Cambridge, Jonathan Dollimore, University of York, Marjorie Garber, Harvard University, Massachusetts , Jonathan Goldberg, The Johns Hopkins University , Nancy Vickers, Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania , Peter Holland, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, Kate McLuskie, University of Southampton