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New books

New books can be seen on this page.

New journals

Full confirmation of all our new 2018 titles is forthcoming, pending finalisation of contract negotiations. On our price list, new titles are highlighted in column E, 'New to Cambridge', with the filter '1'. To date we have the following titles confirmed:

British Journal of Psychiatry
BJPsych Advances
BJPsych Bulletin
BJPsych International
BJPsych Open
Clay Minerals
Global Sustainability
Latin American Politics and Society
Legal Studies
Mineralogical Magazine
Modern American History
Personality Neuroscience

Grace Period

Please note that the grace period for lapsed subscribers is 60 days. The grace period is in place to offer subscribers a chance to renew their subscription without any interruption of access to their journal.

Open Access

We have a comprehensive open access policy, which you may read here.

The following 17 titles and 2 packs have had additional discounts applied to their prices in line with our policy to avoid ‘double dipping’: 

Ageing & Society 
Antarctic Science 
Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy 
British Journal of Nutrition 
CNS Spectrums 
Epidemiology & Infection 
Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine 
Journal of Biosocial Science 
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 
Primary Health Care Research & Development 
Psychological Medicine 
Public Health Nutrition 
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 
Review of International Studies 
Social Policy and Society 
Visual Neuroscience 
British International Studies Association Package (RIS and EIS) 
Social Policy Association Package (JSP and SPS) 

Title changes 

For 2018, there is one change in title. Formerly Australasian Journal of Special Education is now changed to:   Australasian Journal of Special and Inclusive Education  

The change in title is also reflected in a change of ISSN.

Subscription product 

For 2018, one title is moving from a free online access to a paid subscription:

Microscopy Today  

Format changes

For 2018, there is one title changing format: 

Annals of Actuarial Science  

Further details on individual title updates are found in column W. Please make note of these. Last year, renewals and new title ordering, which had to be cancelled and re-invoiced due to errors caused unnecessary delays in title processing and fulfilment. Please state clearly what format is required by your customer. Sometimes we have to infer which format to enter from the price you have selected.     

Changes to existing journals (frequency, title, etc)

Journals publishing more pages in 2018

Management and Organization Review
Nineteenth-Century Music Review  
Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences  
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia  
Review of Symbolic Logic  
Studies in Second Language Acquisition  

Journals publishing more frequently in 2018 

Ageing & Society  
Cardiology in the Young  
Canadian Yearbook of International Law / Annuaire canadien de droit international  

European Journal of International Security  
Experimental Agriculture  
Geological Magazine  
Journal of Institutional Economics  
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science  

Journals no longer publishing with Cambridge for 2018

No longer available from Cambridge:  

Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics  
Communications in Computational Physics  
East Asian Journal on Applied Mathematics  
Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications 

Ceased publication:

Australasian Journal of Organisational Psychology 
Journal of Tropical Psychology