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Cambridge University Press is committed to making sure your paper reaches a broad international audience in order to maximise its scholarly impact. Our marketing team runs regular promotions through a wide variety of marketing channels and Cambridge Core is designed to make your article easy to discover, access, read and cite.

We encourage authors to actively promote their articles to their colleagues and fellow global researchers. This is why we have gathered together a series of resources to help you engage with your readership, increase your visibility and make your article more discoverable online.


With more than a million research articles now being published every year, it's increasingly important for authors to help make their work stand out from the crowd, as well as being read and cited by their peers and by those in related fields.

Cambridge University Press is pleased to partner with Kudos to bring our journal authors free online tools to increase the reach of their work.

The service helps researchers and to measure, monitor and maximize the visibility and impact of their published articles in a series of three quick stages.

Further information can be found in the two-minute video introduction below:

How does Kudos work?
  1. 1. Cambridge journal article authors will be contacted when their work is published to invite them to use the Kudos service. Alternatively, you can set up an account and 'claim' your publications at
  2. 2. Enrich your work by linking resources, such as videos, blogs, images, data sets, and a layman's summary
  3. 3. Get trackable links to share your work via social media and start tracking the usage of your work and the impact of your sharing