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We provide two membership options for institutions to help manage their funding of APCs for Gold OA publishing through Cambridge University Press.

Institutional annual membership

Under this membership model, an institution pays a non-refundable annual fee based on their research output and the authors then get a 20 per cent discount off their APCs.

Research output is calculated according to three bands, via either annual output or the SCImago statistics of research output over the period 2007–2011. See the table below.

Standard pricing

2,000 or fewer articles per year


2,000–4,000 articles per year


Over 4,000 articles per year


SCImago pricing (according to SCImago data)

Under 10,000 articles


10,000–20,000 articles


Over 20,000 articles


Prepayment membership

Under this membership model an institution makes a ‘prepayment’ to Cambridge University Press to form a fund to cover that institution’s future APC costs. This fund is drawn down over a period as the institution uses it to cover APCs, which are discounted at a 10 per cent rate.

Once the fund runs out, the institution can then either pay a top-up fee or wait until the start of a new year to deposit more money.

The prepayment amount is set to reflect the likely Gold OA publishing output of the member institution.

If you would like further information about membership, please contact