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Many funders around the world are introducing policies and mandates concerning public access to the research they fund. The policies vary and researchers should check the terms and conditions of their research grants in order to be aware of the particular conditions they must abide by. Green archiving is often promoted as a way of ensuring public access, but some policies encourage Gold OA as a preferred route to public access. Some research funders and institutes will cover the APCs typically charged for Gold OA.

Researchers should check with their funder or their institution librarians for the policies that apply to them.

For more information on the OA mandates and policies adopted by governments, research funders, universities and institutions, see:

  • SHERPA / JULIET: Allows you to search by funder name or country keyword.
  • ROARMAP: Allows you to search by multiple fields, including by country and type of institution.

(Note that these resources may not be comprehensive).