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Article types definitions

Research article: Research articles are the most common type of article in the journals publishing world. They contain pieces of original research that contribute directly to their field.  Research articles apply to all disciplines and subject areas. Research articles are written by experts, for experts and must adhere to the highest standards of peer review and scholarly communications.

Review article: Review articles provide a comprehensive summary or discussion of an area of scientific research alongside a new perspective or conclusion. Review articles are a vital companion to research articles as they enable research to evolve. Typically, review articles are very highly cited and draw a high number of downloads.

Rapid communication: Concisely-written, high-quality research reports for which rapid publication is considered desirable. Papers in this category will follow a streamlined schedule and must meet the high standards expected of all papers published by the journal, presenting fully developed primary research. They often benefit from prioritized peer review and rapid online publication. Just as with standard submissions, everything that is required for the understanding of the paper must be contained in the submission itself.

Brief report: A short version of a research article; short being defined as substantially shorter that the subject area's standard for research articles. Contains original research findings or analysis, and situates that research within the established literature.

Case report: A case study, case report, or other description and discussion of a case based on original observations.

Article types not covered by transformative agreements:

In general, the following article types are not eligible under a transformative agreement. Please refer to the agreement page for more information on article types covered by an agreement.

  • Book reviews
  • Discussions
  • Editorials
  • Introductions
  • Letters
  • Meeting reports
  • Proceedings

Please note some journals may categorize articles types differently - refer to the journal's information pages for more details.