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Design Science

Design Science is an international open access journal publishing original quantitative and qualitative research in the creation of artifacts and systems, and their embedding in our physical, virtual, psychological, economic, and social environment. Peer reviewed by an international editorial board, Design Science aims to serve as the archival venue of science-based design knowledge across multiple disciplines. The Journal will facilitate communication across diverse fields and will serve as a bridge across several communities, publishing original research with a strong emphasis on accessibility by scholars from a diversity of disciplines.

Proceedings of The Design Society: DESIGN Conference

The DESIGN Conference is an endorsed event by The Design Society, hosted by University of Zagreb, biannually in Cavtat, Croatia.  The DESIGN conference series started in 1981. Since 1998 with the support of WDK  (Workshop Design-Konstruktion) it has become a truly international event. The conference connects researchers from across various design disciplines and presents current state-of-the-art research and ideas in the all areas of design. The quality of the conference is assured through a strict review policy. The conference includes plenary and topic-oriented sessions, workshops, the DESIGN Debate and social events.

Proceedings of the Design Society: International Conference on Engineering Design

The International Conference in Engineering Design (ICED) is the flagship event hosted by the Design Society.  The ICED conference series started in 1981 organized by the Workshop Design Konstruktion (WDK) group and continued by the Design Society since its founding in 2000 as a successor to WDK.  ICED is a biennial event bringing together design engineers, scientists, and practitioners presenting new design research, methods, and tools. The conference includes podium and discussion sessions, posters, workshops, social events, and the biennial general meeting of the Design Society members.



  • 05 Apr 2019,
  • The 22nd International Conference in Engineering Design (ICED), takes place 5 -8 August 2019 Delft, The Netherlands