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About this Cambridge Elements series

A brand new concept in academic publishing and scholarly communication, this new series in flexible and large-area electronics combines the best features of journals and books.

This innovative new series will provide authoritative coverage of the state-of-the art in bendable and large-area electronics. Specific Elements will provide in-depth coverage of key technologies, materials and techniques for the design and manufacturing of flexible electronic circuits and systems, as well as cutting-edge insights into emerging real-world applications.

Regularly updated and conceived from the start for a digital environment, this series will provide a dynamic reference resource for graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in electrical engineering, physics, chemistry and materials science.

Priority areas of interest

  • Materials for flexible and large-area electronics
  • Fabrication and manufacturing technologies
  • Devices, circuits and systems
  • Ultra-thin chip technologies
  • Flexible and large-area device physics
  • Physical and behavioural modelling
  • Emerging applications
  • Packaging and system integration