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About this Cambridge Elements series

The Cambridge Elements series, Politics and Society in Southeast Asia, includes both country-specific and thematic studies on one of the world’s most dynamic regions.

Each title, written by a leading scholar of that country or theme, combines a succinct, comprehensive, up-to-date overview of debates in the scholarly literature with original analysis and a clear argument.

Titles are suited for readers from across levels and disciplines, including scholars and policy-makers already knowledgeable about Southeast Asia, and students and general readers seeking to learn about it for the first time. Different combinations of titles will be an effective substitute for or complement to standard texts in undergraduate or graduate-level courses. But Southeast Asian Politics and Society volumes will also be valuable references for academic or policy research, highlighting contemporary debates about social and political change in the region, promoting new syntheses of knowledge, and advancing new interpretations.

Individual Elements contributions are at a length (20,000-30,000 words) that is longer than a journal article but shorter than a book. This length allows for more scope and depth than is available in the narrow confines available to scholars publishing in journals. Authors can also conceive and write an Element on a shorter timeline than is feasible for a scholarly book.