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About this Elements Series

The Cambridge Elements of Psychology and Culture will feature authoritative surveys and updates on key topics in cultural, cross-cultural, and indigenous psychology. Authors are internationally recognised scholars whose work is at the forefront of their subdisciplines within the realm of psychology and culture.

About the Editor - Kenneth D. Keith

Kenneth D. Keith is author or editor of more than 160 publications on cross-cultural psychology, quality of life, intellectual disability, and the teaching of psychology. Keith’s books include The Worth Expert Guide to Scientific LiteracyCross-Cultural Perspectives on Quality of LifeStudent Handbook to Psychology: History, Perspectives, and ApplicationsCross-Cultural Psychology: Contemporary Themes and Perspectives; Intellectual Disability: Ethics, Dehumanization, and a New Moral CommunityEncyclopedia of Cross-Cultural Psychology; and Cross-Cultural Quality of Life: Enhancing the Lives of People with Intellectual Disability. He is the 2017 president of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

Areas of Interest

Areas of interest to the series will include key aspects of the internationalisation of psychological science; integration of culture in the various specialities within the domain of psychological science; the intersection of culture and such areas as genetics, neuroscience, and well-being; and the implications of psychological science for such broad cultural concerns as climate change and health.    

Forthcoming Elements

  • Empathy and Culture
  • Cultural Psychology and its Relation to Mainstream Theory
  • Nature and Challenges of Indigenous Psychologies
  • Cultural Neuroscience
  • Evolution of Childhood Around the World