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  • Print publication year: 2006
  • Online publication date: March 2008

10 - The beginnings of Christian anti-Judaism, 70–C. 235

Anti-Judaism was found mainly in areas where Christianity was strong, especially in cities with mixed pagan and Jewish populations and places where religious rivalries were more likely to be expressed openly. Numerous studies of Christian origins have revealed that early Christian anti-Judaism played a substantial role in pointing ultimately towards anti-Semitism. The letter of James was typical of some Christian Jewish documents in Judaea/Palestine in first through the middle second century CE, including antagonism towards a faith-alone understanding of Christian behavior. It engaged in no polemic against Judaism; quite the opposite: it shared essentials with Judaism. Christian communities in the Holy Land were deeply influenced by their origins within Judaism. Like Syria, Asia had large cities containing significant Jewish communities. The collection of documents from Nag Hammadi included several from Egypt. Mainstream Christian documents from Egypt tended to divide Christianity from Judaism.
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The Cambridge History of Judaism
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