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3 - The uprisings in the Jewish Diaspora, 116–117

Towards the end of Trajan's reign, violent Jewish uprisings erupted in several places in the Mediterranean world. The situation had become more tense in Roman times, and twice earlier in Trajan's days, in 112 and in the summer of 115, armed attacks had been perpetrated by Greeks against Jews, the last of which may definitely be considered a direct cause of the Jewish uprising. The summer of 116 is the one period in antiquity when the Jews in different places in the Diaspora took up arms at approximately the same time. In Mesopotamia, the Bar Kochba rebellion seemed to be part of a general movement of local peoples meant to prevent Roman conquest, whereas in Libya, Egypt, and Cyprus the Jewish attacks seemed to be directed not so much against the Roman government as against their Gentile neighbors.
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The Cambridge History of Judaism
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