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  • Print publication year: 2000
  • Online publication date: March 2008

(a) - The Last Capetians and Early Valois Kings, 1314–1364

from 14 - France
The premature death of Philip IV on 29 November 1314 proved to be a major turning-point in the fortunes of Capetian France. It coincided with clear signs of an economic crisis, European in scale, which provides a backdrop to the political events. Like Philip IV, the Valois kings could display cruelty and impulsiveness in dealing with their subjects. In his day Philip IV was dominant in international affairs, thanks to victory over Pope Boniface VIII, the Flemings and the English. As a result of the titanic struggle between Philip IV and Boniface VIII, royal control over the Church in France tightened. France was entering an 'age of principalities' in which the power of the crown, so apparently dominant around 1300, was to be seriously challenged by provincial rivals, none strong enough on their own to defeat the king, but capable of exploiting the crown's difficulties for their own advantage during the Anglo-French war.
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The New Cambridge Medieval History
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