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RoboWeedSupport - Presentation of a cloud based system bridging the gap between in-field weed inspections and decision support systems

  • P. Rydahl (a1), N.-P. Jensen (a2), M. Dyrmann (a3), P. H. Nielsen (a4) and R. N. Jørgensen (a5)...


In order to exploit potentials of 20–40% reduction of herbicide use, as documented by use of Decision Support Systems (DSS), where requirements for manual field inspection constitute a major obstacle, large numbers of digital pictures of weed infestations have been collected and analysed manually by crop advisors. Results were transferred to: 1) DSS, which determined needs for control and connected, optimized options for control returned options for control and 2) convolutional, neural networks, which in this way were trained to enable automatic analysis of future pictures, which support both field- and site-specific integrated weed management.


Corresponding author


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RoboWeedSupport - Presentation of a cloud based system bridging the gap between in-field weed inspections and decision support systems

  • P. Rydahl (a1), N.-P. Jensen (a2), M. Dyrmann (a3), P. H. Nielsen (a4) and R. N. Jørgensen (a5)...


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