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AAFH dissertation fellowship

The Academy of American Franciscan History Dissertation Fellowship

The Americas is proud to sponsor up to four dissertation fellowships funded by the Academy of American Franciscan History. Each fellowship is worth $10,000 and as many as two of these fellowships will be awarded in a given year for projects dealing with some aspect of the history of the Franciscan Family in Latin America, including the United States Borderlands, Mexico, Central and South America. Up to another two fellowships will be awarded to support projects dealing with some aspect of the history of the Franciscan Family in the rest of the United States and Canada. Projects may deal with any aspect of the history of the Franciscan Family, including any of the branches of the Family, male, female, tertiary, Capuchin, etc. Proposals are evaluated by the Editorial Board of The Americas whose recommendations are passed on to the Board of Directors of the Academy.

The recipient must be engaged in full-time research during the period of the fellowship. The applicant must be a doctoral candidate at a university in the Americas, and the bulk of the research should be conducted in the Americas. To apply for a fellowship, please provide a 10-page proposal of the research project. This proposal should include the title and principle arguments of the dissertation, a research plan (including repositories where the research will be conducted), and a timetable outlining all phases of the research up to and including the conclusion and successful defense of the dissertation. The applicant must also provide three letters of support for the project, one of which must be from the chairman of the dissertation committee/major advisor. Deadline for 2019 Fellowships is February 1, 2019. Awards will be announced in April, and funding may begin as early as May.

As a condition of the fellowship award, the Academy will reserve the right of first refusal to publish any work funded under the provision of this program. The Academy has a fifty-year history of publishing works dealing with the history of the Franciscan Family in the Americas and some monographs are now jointly published through an agreement with Oklahoma University Press. Any royalties or other considerations resulting from publication will be separate and distinct from the dissertation fellowship.

To apply, or for further information, please address all materials to:

Dr. Jeffery M. Burns, Director
Academy of American Franciscan History
4050 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA 92057 or