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Resolution of ice streams and outlet glaciers in large-scale simulations of the Greenland ice sheet

  • Ralf Greve (a1) and Ute C. Herzfeld (a2) (a3)


The dynamic/thermodynamic shallow-ice model SICOPOLIS is applied to the Greenland ice sheet. Paleoclimatic spin-ups from 125 ka BP until today, as well as future-climate experiments 500 years into the future, are carried out with three different grid spacings, namely 20, 10 and 5 km. The scenarios are a subset of those specified by the SeaRISE (Sea-level Response to Ice Sheet Evolution) community effort. The bed topography includes improved troughs for Jakobshavn Isbræ, Helheim, Kangerdlugssuaq and Petermann glaciers, processed by an algorithm that preserves shape, orientation and continuity of the troughs on the 5 km scale. Comparison of simulated and observed present-day surface velocities shows that these ice streams and outlet glaciers are resolved with different accuracies, ranging from poor (20 km grid) to reasonably good (5 km grid). In the future-climate experiments, the simulated absolute ice volumes depend significantly on the resolution, while the sensitivities (ice volumes relative to the constant-climate control run) vary only by a few centimeters of sea-level equivalent.

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      Resolution of ice streams and outlet glaciers in large-scale simulations of the Greenland ice sheet
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      Resolution of ice streams and outlet glaciers in large-scale simulations of the Greenland ice sheet
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      Resolution of ice streams and outlet glaciers in large-scale simulations of the Greenland ice sheet
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Resolution of ice streams and outlet glaciers in large-scale simulations of the Greenland ice sheet

  • Ralf Greve (a1) and Ute C. Herzfeld (a2) (a3)


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