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Dating Knossos and the arrival of the earliest Neolithic in the southern Aegean

  • Katerina Douka (a1), Nikos Efstratiou (a2), Mette Marie Hald (a3), Peter Steen Henriksen (a3) and Alexandra Karetsou (a4)...

Knossos, on Crete, has long been famous both for its Minoan period remains and for the presence, at the base of the stratigraphy, of an early Neolithic settlement. The chronology and development of the Neolithic settlement, however, have hitherto been unclear. New light is now thrown on this formative period by combining new and older radiocarbon dates with contextual information in a Bayesian modelling framework. The results from Crete and western Anatolia suggest that an earlier, small-scale Aceramic colonisation preceded the later Neolithic reoccupation of Knossos.

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